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Finance 101 - The One Thing I remember the Most

I remember my finance professor teaching us about the time value of money. A dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow. So unless you learn to earn more money, invest it, save it, or spend it wisely it will be very hard to keep up with the time value of money.

Pay Now or Pay Later 

There is an old addage "Pay Now or Pay Later". This is a life long lesson for most of us. There is a price most of the time for everything, although there are moments of human kindness where there is giving without receiving.  When it comes to learning about money we must learn to be kind to ourselves and learn to love ourselves even without that Gucci Handbag or that nice new sports car.

 Lessons about Money

There are lessons to be learned every day about money and it is my hope that we can all help each other learn a better way of living especially now that we are all facing economically hard times. The headlines above have a lesson in them for me. I hope they will for you too and I hope this site will provide all of us with knowledge and help each of us grow in living within our means, but also in growing our means.

There are important lessons for us all (individuals, businesses, corporate america, our government, and our world).