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Where is MetaMask on the web browser?
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Jun 14, 2024
2:28 AM
After installing the browser extension, the MetaMask Extension will be opened automatically. But in case it is not visible, then on your browser tap on the button present on the right side of a star at the top right corner. The option for MetaMask extension will be shown you have to press the pin button so that is accessible all the time. But if you have no idea of installing process follow our lead for the installation of the extension. For instance, we will be describing the installation process of the chrome:
1.Open the metamask extension official site.
2.Tap the Install button on the screen.
3.You will be automatically redirected to the Chrome web store.
4.Now, you have to press the option of “Add to Chrome”.
5.A pop-up will be opened and will ask for your confirmation.
However, if you want to install the extension on any other browser the steps followed will be similar at some points. The alternative way to install the extension is you directly search for the browser extension on the Web Store and install your preferred extension from there. But keep in mind you will have to grant some permissions to the browser extension before using it. The process of importing accounts can be done by using two methods, the first method is by using a Private key and the second method is by using a JSON file. However, the method to import using JSON files only works on the browser extension and not on mobile applications.

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