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Venmo Limits: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024
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Apr 02, 2024
10:29 PM

In the digital age, peer-to-peer payment apps like Venmo have revolutionized the way we handle transactions. However, understanding the limits imposed by these platforms is crucial for seamless financial management. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of Venmo limits, ensuring users can make the most of this popular payment service.

Understanding Venmo Limits

Venmo imposes various limits on transactions to ensure security and compliance with regulatory requirements. These limits vary depending on the type of account and the user's verification status.

1. Person-to-Person Sending Limits

For unverified users, the Venmo weekly sending limit is $299.99. Once verified, this limit increases significantly to $4,999.99 per week.

2. Authorized Merchant Payments

Verified users can spend up to $6,999.99 per week on authorized merchant payments, which includes purchases made with the Venmo Mastercard.

3. Venmo Mastercard Debit Card Limits

The Venmo Mastercard Debit Card allows for a daily withdrawal limit of $400 from ATMs, over-the-counter withdrawals, and cashback transactions. This limit is separate from the sending limit.

4. Cryptocurrency Transaction Limits

Venmo recently introduced the ability to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. The weekly limit for cryptocurrency transactions is $20,000, with a $50,000 limit per year.

Increasing Your Venmo Limits

To increase your limits on Venmo, you must complete the identity verification process. This involves providing your Social Security number, date of birth, and address. Once verified, your limits will automatically increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to verify my identity on Venmo?

Identity verification typically takes 1-2 business days.

Can I increase my ATM withdrawal limit for the Venmo Debit Card?

Currently, the $400 daily limit for ATM withdrawals cannot be increased.

What happens if I exceed my Venmo limits?

Transactions that exceed your limits will be declined. It's important to keep track of your spending to avoid any inconvenience.

Are there any fees associated with exceeding Venmo limits?

Venmo does not charge fees for exceeding limits, but transactions will be declined.

Can I use Venmo for international transactions?

Venmo is primarily designed for domestic transactions within the United States. International transactions are not supported.


Understanding Venmo limits is essential for users to navigate the platform effectively. By staying informed about these limits and completing identity verification, users can ensure a smooth and secure payment experience. Always monitor your transactions and be aware of the limits applicable to your account to avoid any disruptions in your financial activities.

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