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Feb 28, 2024
9:15 PM
In today's interconnected world, companies are constantly seeking international expansion through new buyers and suppliers
One important tool for achieving this? Import and export data.
This post explores how this data helps businesses like yours identify and connect with potential trading partners across borders.
Introducing Siomex: Your Gateway to Global Trade Data
Siomex, a leading Indian provider of import and export data that empowers businesses to use valuable insights.
Compiled from Indian customs and ports, their data offers a wealth of information, including:
? Importing and exporting companies
? Product descriptions and quantities
? Shipping routes and ports
Siomex boasts data covering over 95% of India's international trade, encompassing both exports and imports. Now, let's see how you can utilize this data to your advantage.
Becoming a Global Exporter: Finding Foreign Buyers
As an Indian exporter, Siomex's import data helps you identify foreign companies already importing similar products. Imagine you export cotton shirts. You can find retailers and distributors in various countries who import shirts, presenting an opportunity to reach new buyers!
Siomex allows you to search by product, company, country, and more to pinpoint potential buyers.
Gain insights into their current purchase prices and preferred ports, making the way for targeted outreach and potentially replacing their existing suppliers.
Finding Reliable Suppliers
For Indian importers Siomex's import export data unlocks access to manufacturing and supply companies abroad exporting goods you need.
Let's say you import machinery parts. Identify parts manufacturers in China or other countries already exporting to India.
The data reveals export volumes, shipment frequency, product specifications, and destinations, helping assess their capacity for new business.
Reaching out to these companies can expand and diversify your supplier base.
A Wealth of Business Intelligence
Siomex's data offers much more than just finding new customers and suppliers. You can:
? Analyze trends in trading volumes and prices for informed decision-making.
? Identify emerging product innovations from foreign competitors.
? Monitor activities of existing partners and anticipate changes.
The possibilities are virtually limitless!
Conclusion: Gaining the Competitive Edge
In today's globalized landscape, business intelligence on international trade is important
Using import and export data provided by Siomex, opens doors to new growth and expansion opportunities. By identifying partners worldwide, companies can access new markets and achieve international success.
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