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How to Play Weaver Game
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Dec 12, 2023
7:29 PM
How to play:
You’ll have six chances to correctly identify a five-letter secret word in the game, with a blank box for each letter.

Enter a 5-letter word into the text field. A green box indicates a letter if it is correct and in the proper location. A yellow box indicates a letter that is correct but is in the wrong place. If a letter is not part of the secret word, it is indicated by a grey box.

Reduce the number of potential answers for the secret word using the feedback (green, 2048 Taylor Swift, yellow, and grey boxes), then guess again.

Continue until you correctly guess the hidden word after six tries.

Once users begin using Wordle, they frequently find it difficult to stop. It’s simple to play yet intriguing, and it just takes a few minutes to finish a game. Making it convenient to play again and again.

Some users enjoy how weaver unlimited broadens their vocabulary by introducing them to words they might not have encountered otherwise. Regularly playing the game can help one improve their command of the English language.
Dec 13, 2023
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