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Jun 23, 2022
5:19 AM
Bigg Boss, the biggest reality show in India started with a bang as Salman Khan welcomed the 14 participants. Compared to the previous seasons, this one has people from eclectic backgrounds, from criminal backgrounds; TV serials, Indian cinema, Pakistani cinema, a person from the legal background, a controversial scapegoat and many others. Let us look at them one by one:

1. Shweta Tiwari: One of the top female celebrities on Television, the vivacious Shweta Tiwari is also a Bhojpuri actress. She has been in various reality shows on Indian TV and though she had expressed on her blog, that she would not be doing Bigg Boss; she has certainly gone ahead and done the opposite.

2. Abbas Kazmi: Very know that Abbas Kazmi, eminent criminal lawyer; who was once appointed by the Government of India as the lawyer for terrorist Kasab; is also an actor. He had done a few cameo roles earlier in Bollywood films, including that of a policeman in the movie Rang(1993).

3. Seema Parihar: Real life dacoit Seema Parihar; who is easily the 'man in the house' is a daring woman who has been living in the jungles for 17 years. She had been involved in the killing of more than 70 people. A movie was also made on her life, called 'Wounded'. There are still three or four cases pending on her name.

4. Ashmit Patel: Ashmit Patel, brother of Bollywood actress Amisha Patel; is yet to make a splash a Bollywood despite having a hit called Murder(2004) to his name. The 32 year old was entangled in the MMS controversy with his then girlfriend, Riya Sen; after which they separated. Though he had a rift with his sister, things are sorted out now and Ashmit enters the Bigg Boss 16 watch online watch online house with positive energy.

5. Sara Khan: Miss Madhya Pradesh, Sara Khan, and the actress who became a household name with 'Sapna Babul Ki Bidaai Ka' is also a part of the show.

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